Updating the presentation hub

How to update the events blocks below the news.

Github repostory is here ->

Readme file has all the information you need to know. The text below will not always be the same as the readme.

EE-Presentation Hub

Find the site at


Updating the presentation list

In the data folder you will see an excel file called presentations1.xlsx.

When wanting to update the list of presentations used for the search you should first edit this file.

When happy with that you should open your terminal and change directory to the following path and run these commands:

cd ~/git*/ee-present
workon ee-py3
cd data

This will output 2 CSV files into this directory. Next you can run the following command to generate the results.json file used for creating the index:

node index.js

A bunch of output will be printed to the terminal.

Next you should open sublime text by running subl . in the terminal.

Expand the data folder and look for a file called results.json. Open this file.

Copy the entire contents of this file using CMD + C.

Next open the file _includes/serch.html. Look for the section that begins like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
list = [
    "index": 0,
    "topic": "About ENTSO-E",
    "tags": [
    "size": "2 mb",
    "updated": "2016-08-19",
    "type": "pptx",
    "name": "About ENTSO-E",
    "notes": "General overview presentation about ENTSO-E, our vision, etc.",
    "url": ""

You need to paste in the new content to replace all the items after list = be careful to copy over all the block and curely brackets. ([] {}).

Testing the site locally

With your terminal open and the path in the root directory of this repo.

Run the following to start the local Jekyll development server.

jekyll serve

Open http://localhost:4000](http://localhost:4000) in your browser.

Deploy site when happy

When happy with your changes you can do the following:

Look for changes in the repo.

git status

You should see that search has changed. Will be in the green text at the top.

Commit these changes to the repo and then push them to github where they will be published to our web server:

git commit -am "updated the presentations for search"
git push

Open your browser and visit

You should then see your changes in all their glory.