Updating the homepage advertisements

This guide will detail exactly how you should update the sharepoint homepage of

Updating the homepage for PR on regions

This is a short guide to help you update the homepage in my abscence. I have already prepared the homepage. This is just in case there are some last minute changes which must be made.

On this page

Upload your image first

Go to the webback homepage at

Go to Site Contents Images and then go to the folder General News Images.

Either Click New Document or Files -> Upload Document.

Choose the image you wish to upload. Check it in.

Next find the image you uploaded. If you hover your mouse 3 dots will appear. Click these and then a popup will show the image and it’s URL. Copy the URL. You will need this for use on github.

To Github to get the layout

Go to the PR on Regions post ->

This will take you directly to the post.

If you need to edit the title or the image etc click the pencil in the top right.

You will be presented with the following YAML frontmatter. These attributes will be used to create the final html home slider page which you will find at


  • Do not remove any of the double quotes on the strings. Always make sure they are closed aka (with a paired “..” or ‘..’)
  • Do not put any links here as the public will not be able to see them.
title: "Europe needs regions to achieve 45% of renewable electricity by 2030"
sub_head: ""
image: ""
link: "/news-events/announcements/announcements-archive/Pages/News/En.aspx"
published: true
category: news
orig_date: "29/04/2016"
image_pos: "background-position:left center;height:30em;"

After you have made your changes above you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click commit changes Make sure that Commit directly to the gh-pages branch. radio button is checked.

Now wait about 30 seconds for the site to be regenerated and visit

On this page you will see a big box at the bottom called “Copy to sharepoint”. Double click in this box, CMD + A and CMD + C or right click -> copy to copy the text.

Back to Webback

Go to the webback homepage at

Once there click Edit

Under the large images you will see "Edit this Snippet". Click this.

Once this box is open.

CMD + A to select everything. Press backspace. Then paste in the text from the copy to sharepoint text.

Click Insert

Click Save in the top right

Check it in

Publish it

Approve it

Boom you’ve a new homepage.