Connection Network Codes

EU Stakeholder Committees

ACER and ENTSO-E will co-organise three European Stakeholder Committees (ESCs), one per family of codes (Market codes, Operational codes and Connection codes).

To the committees

ENTSO-E, for reasons of transparency, has been monitoring the implementation process in the European countries reporting all the necessary and publicly available information. This is an ongoing activity until Maybe 2018 for RfG NC and until September for DCC and HVDC NC. Available information, documents, websites, contacts can be found below.

In addition, a monitoring file (please check the Monitoring box on the left) can be downloaded which summarizes all the proposals for non-exhaustive requirements for all Connection Network Codes and their status for all the countries under the scope.

Choose a country in order to track the progress of Connection Network Code implementation.

Please, see below the implementation maps